On the Edge of Society
Meaningful dreams,
Can easily fade away.
Tell me who's wrong.
The media?
Tell me who's wrong.
Yes, very much on the edge of society.
It's nobody's fault,
Who knows the way,
Please, someone tell me the way to go.
Sometimes I grasp,
Yet it always fades away.
My blindness overwhelms me,
I cannot see,
Yet the media negates.

My limbs are damaged,
I cannot walk,
Sometimes a special somone
will help me through.
I'm in a wheelchair
I cannot go on
yet I keep on going on,
what a shame.
Dad and mom were only sixteen,
They were so in love.
Dad got a job,
Doing well.
Though his friends brought him down with drugs,
My father fell upon,
He became a junkie.
Hm, my family fell apart,
Yet the media negates.

Hm, they say I was a handsome boy.
Yet I was born mentally ill,
They say I cried a lot,
They did not understand,
The doctor consoled them.
They told them I has a chemical imbalance,
How could that happen to our child?
Mom and dad:
Our son is mentally ill.
My father could not take this
he was so hurt,
He got high,
And threw me against the wall,
I did not ask to be here,
yet the media negates.

James Hawkins