Bewildered old man

The bewildered old man;
He sat on a log next to a stream.
As the stream trickled by him,
He thought of his past.
There were times as a child when he was sad—
He always returned to that certain place
And time, even in his mind.
But when he sat upon the log,
He knew that peace will always be
In this place and time.
As the sunlight glitters on the stream,
The glitters sooth him.
A world of his own.
And as the years went by, if not in his mind,
But yet in his spirit,
Peace meant the freedom of the stream
And the sun glimmering most sacred.
To the bewildered old man,
The years have gone by, and all he thinks about
Is the log, the stream, and the glimmering.
So on the log, as he sat by the water and in peace,
The peace diffused from that spot in the mind.