The playful lute, and why it is so happy

Once upon a time there was a little boy;
He was a strange lad,
Half boy, half poney.
But the one thing he knew was to play music.
He play in springtime, helping the seasons come in.
The birds would chirp,
And the forest would sing.
Thrashing through the forest with his lute,
He knew he had little time left to commence the music,
And that it would have to end someday.
So he played to the butterflies, the squirrels, the bears,
And all the animals of the forest,
Miraculously filling them with happiness.
And at sunset, he lay down his lute
And went to sleep.
In the morning when the sun arose,
He would start a new day,
Knowing still the time will come,
When he will have to end his merriment of the forest.

When my time returns,
I will be older,
Yet the strings of my lute will be bolder.
So seasons change and leave me in peace.
I will return in due season.