Jesus knew I could do it

I could not believe in myself anymore,
Not even in God, his Son, or even the Holy Spirit.
Yet they had a deeper grasp on me,
And like never before.

I was going to kill myself today,
And I meant it this time.
But there is someone I love very, very dearly,
His name is Eric, my beloved baby brother.

They say that blood is thicker than water,
And you had better believe it.
Eric lives three thousand miles away, too far to help,
But he saved my life today.

The fear of loosing touch,
Hanging at the edge of the cliff, ready to fall into the void,
Remote from my family's love.
But no matter, for Jesus loves for me, and is in Eric's love for me,
And so I am able to love and respect myself because of it.

I know that if I hurt myself in any way,
It would cause him anquish,
And so because of my family and Eric, with great love,
I am restored.