Cops and robbers

Standing on the Corner I look Strong
Extorting the weak I prove myself wrong
Even weak mothers I see on check day
They be searchin for the rock, I stand in the way
A dream, a dream of sex, of drugs, of cream
Fabricated realities, it's not what it seems
Frustrated identities who was I ? I AM
To face the world for what it is worth
To go through the pains of a re- birth
The strength that it would take. . . Of that I dare think
So into this illusion yet deeper I sink
Cowering on my corner looking strong
To weaker still souls. . .for my products they long
I lure them secure them within my grip
Babbling good drug commercials from the hip
Workers working for that cool candy sip
Vapors evoking melodic falling tears
The method of it all had them hooked for years
On this corner I stand looking real strong
It is for me that suburbans barbarians get paid très long
It takes a shield behind which he will hide
It's only the badge I see as my Nikes dip and dive
I pay his salary to chase, to hurt me, to mame
The more he pursues the greater his fame
Reputations and nicknames all the same
For these cops and robbers in the hood game
To stand on the corner, to patrol and look tough
Who really is strong and who really plays the bluff ???