What is the price for the crimes placed on my head
Someone walked away as I was left here for dead
Heels a clicking. . .clocks ticking
The face of them pearly white with hands so black
Left for dead in my hand lies a stack
Past slurs blur forth in my mind
I look for the time as your clock ticks by
Black hands forced by a pearl face
Forced to face your reality. . .your time
Hands forced to pay your dues
My slaving fathers' souls still sing their blues
Still the revolving portal turns out my young mind
Delusions of justice I seek to find
You look at me in wonder and say
It should've been time
That unsafe sex. . .the prison butt sex
The hood didn't take you out
Not even that stack
One minute black, I'll be back
With my new clock and new time
New money and new crimes
Laying, left for dead. . .delusions of justice blurred in my head
John J.
July 1998