Hartford Studies Project
From the struggle for rights to the struggle for power

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Unidentified Oakland Civic Association officer, sometime in the 1960's. [HPL]
Demonstrators and "Down with Battles" sign, 1967. [HPL]
Police and African-American man in helmet at demonstration, September 1967. [HPL]
Street, storefront, police at demonstration, September, 1967. [HPL]
John Barber, 1967. [HPL]
Night of Martin Luther King's death: street scene with police. April, 1968. [HPL]
Looting and disturbances after Martin Lucher King's death. April, 1968. [HPL]
Ben's Liquor Store after looting, April 1968. [HPL]
Black Panthers demonstrate in Hartford, May 1969. [HPL]
Black Panthers demonstrate outside Hartford court house, 1969. [HPL]
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