A Struggle from the Start
Exhibit Contents

exhortation and
  I. Objects in the Dark, 1638-1775
  1. The meaning of slavery
  2. Sons and daughters of Africa in Colonial Hartford
  3. The Black Codes
  II. Emerging from the Shadows, 1775-1819
  1. Free Blacks before the Revolutionary War
  2. The Black Governors
  3. Blacks in the Revolutionary War
  III. Born in Struggle, 1819-1863
  1. Rising Black bourgeosie
  2. The formation of a Black community
  3. Movements for change
  IV. Citizens of Color, 1863-1890
  1. Military and Political Participation, 1863-1871
  2. Black Society after the Civil War
  3. Black Labor
  4. The Black Elite: The "Talented Tenth"
  V. Changing Times, Changing People, 1890-1920
  1. Second Wave of Immigration
  2. Mass Political Participation
  3. Building Community Institutions
  VI. Streets Painted Gold, 1920-1960
  1. Under construction
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