HBHP Membership

We rely almost entirely upon community support to maintain and develop the exhibit and to launch new projects. This support comes from the time, talents, artifacts, and contributions of people like yourself. Please contribute to the Hartford Black History Project by becoming a member. As such you will be kept informed of coming events and additions to the exhibit, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting an endeavor that aims to restore vitality to our City.

You can fill out the following convenient membership application and then send a dues check to the HBHP separately.

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Annual Dues Structure
General membership$20
Senior membership$10
Children under 14$5
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gory do you seek?
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Make your check made out to the Hartford Black History Project and send it to:
Hartford Black History Project
P.O. Box 393
Hartford, CT 06141-0303
Oftentimes contributions consist of nickles and quarters, but some of you can afford more, and those contributions of course make a very big difference. Please consider pledging $100 or more to sustain the Project.
I pledge the amount of to help sustain the Project.