The Jatibonicù Taino Tribal Band
of New Jersey

US Regional Taino Tribal Affiars Office
located in Lenapehoken, the land of the Lenape People

To contact the Jatibonicù United States Regional Office In New Jersey,
write to:

Taino Tribal Council of Jatibonicu
NJ-US Taino Tribal Affairs Office
703 South Eighth Street
Vineland, New Jersey 08360

Or call (609) 690-1565 Fax: (609) 825-7922

To contact Taino Tribal Affairs:

 Taino Tribal Affairs:   Tribal-Affairs@Taino-Tribe.Org
Please visit the
T a í n o        J a t i b o n i c ù       T r i b a l      C o u n c i l

 A Call for Taíno National Unity from Pedro Guanikeyu Torres.
 The Historical Foundation of Jatibonicù, Inc. is a non-profit educational cultural corporation of Puerto Rico (Boriken region).
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 Maria Anani Jimenez, NiTayno-Na, UnderChief for Tribal Council issues concerning women.
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[Elder Guanikeyu] Elder Guanikeyu, surviving blood Chief of Jatibonicù Taíno Tribe of the Great People of the Sacred High Waters of Boriken. [Click on these images for larger views].
[Frank WhiteEagle] Bohike Frank Yuguaraguao WhiteEagle, Jatibonicù Tribal Medicine Man.
[Maria Anani Jimenez] Maria Anani Jimenez. Anani is a Taíno spiritual woman who listens to her people.
[Tribal Dance Group] New Jersey Taíno Tribal Dance Group.

The Taíno Tribal Council of Jatibonicù of Boriken and its New Jersey Jatibonicù Tribal Band of Tainos, should not be confused with a club or a Native American civic organization. It is a "sovereign" and constitutionally established tribal government of the Taíno Tribe of Jatibonicù of the Great People of The Sacred High Waters of the Island of "Puerto Rico."

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