Historical materialism

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The Contradiction of World History
By Haines Brown, April 1994. A paper read at a NERWHA conference. The associated bibliography below acquired a life of its own [150Kb].
Bibliography for Historical Materialism
By Haines Brown, 1994. This bibliography was originally associated with the paper above, “The Contradiction of World History.”
New tools for Marxists
By Ron E. Press, 3 December 1994. Explores new conceptual frameworks and methods, such as chaos theory and computer simulation, as possible ways to update Marxist historiography [47 Kb].
What is Meant by Historical Materialism
By Nancy Mitchell, Workers World, 3 December 1998. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels' concept of historical materialism.
Marx's Philosophy of History
Contribution to discussion on PhilOfHi@yorku.ca list by Haines Brown, 15 January 2002. While Marx had a lot to say about history and wrote some decent historical works, it is hard to define “Marx's philosophy of history.”
The eagle and the bustard: EP Thompson and Louis Althusser
By Scott Hamilton, Reading the Maps, Saturday 8 July 2006. A draft PhD chapter on the relationship between Althusser and the British historian EP Thompson. Written at the end of 2004 for a departmental seminar