Ideational historical agency

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Consciousness & determinism
By Nikolai S. Rozov, 10 January 1999. Argues that especially in more recent times, ideas are a real historical force. That they are regular in some fashion does not compromise the role of consciousness and freedom in history. Ideas are subject to external constraints and internal mental life and are therefore subject to explanation.
Nikolai's reference to worldviews
A dialog from the PhiloOfHi list, July 1999. The meaning and function of world views.
Memories of a French Architect
By Oji Onoko, This Day (Lagos), 18 March 2001, with a comment by Haines Brown. Historic preservation supports a country's memory, without which the society dies. Thus it is crucial to save everything possible in museums. The image conveyed by architecture helps us solve problems.
Living with ideology
A dialog from the PhilOfHi list, May 2001. When ideology functions to draw our arguments away from solid historiographic ground.