Analytical Units

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Textbook of Americanism
By Ayn Rand, 1946. Rand articulates the capitalist ideological position that would reduce social wholes to individual social atoms.
Understanding the principles of liberty
By Haines Brown, 26 March 2005. A critical assessment of the Rand article above.
Process as an analytical unit suited to historiography of the twenty-first century
By Haines Brown, 13 September 2003. Proposes a way to construct an analytical unit that is based on change rather than on static qualities.
Evolution Biology and the Simultaneous Policy: Vision-Logic for the Next Stage in our Evolutionary Future
By John Bunzl, 25 May 2004. Tries to use Koestler' holon unit of analysis to explain the role of cooperation in human evolution.
Asiatic Mode of Production debates
A discussion on the Marxism list, August 2006. Literature relevant to the Marxist positon that the appropriate unit of analysis is a soccio-economic system so conceived as to explain human development thanks to our productive relation with the natural environment combined with class struggle.
Dialectics, Complexity and the Crisis
By, 1 October 2006. A paper written some years ago that adopts a systems approach to consider the analogy between chaos theory and present social developments.