The history of world historiography

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Jacob Burckhardt, Swiss Philosopher of History—100th Anniversary of His Death 1897
A Few Reflections and Notes on Force & Freedom: Reflections on History (1943) by Jacob Burkhardt, by Bertil Haggman, 28 December 1997.
Hegel's effect
A dialog with Kai Froeb on the PhilOfHi list, March 1998. In response to questions, Kai Froeb defines what it means to update Hegel for the 20th century.
Arnold Toynbee and Macrohistory
A dialog from the PhilOfHi list, October 1998. The issues raised by Toynbee's work.
The Threshold of History
Student paper by John Newgard, History 296, 24 January 1999. The presumption that the course of history is shaped by human reasoned intentionality arose in the Enlightenment and died in the early 20th century.
Arnold Toynbee and classical political economy
By Haines Brown, 22 August 2002. Responds to a student by exploring the philosophical implications of Toynbee's challenge-response explanation of historical development.
Leo Strauss
By John Gueguen, 13 May 2003. A memo in which Gueguen provides background for anyone wanting to investigate whether there may be substance to the allegations of Leo Strauss's complicity in the political work of contemporary “Straussians”.
Philosophy of history golden age?
Dialogue from the PhilOfHi mailing list, 18 August 2004. John Groves discusses with Haines Brown whether western philosophy of history is experiencing a golden age.