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Middle East Internet Resources #1

By Larry Lambert
30 January 1996

Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 09:43:54 -0500
Sender: Former Soviet Republic - Central Asia Political Discussion List <CENASIA@VM1.MCGILL.CA>
From: Margarita Gokun Silver <mgokun@AVSC.ORG>
Subject: Re: Middle East Internet Resources #1

Dear Netters:

I tried to avoid creating a lot of traffic on the list, but I received so many requests for the Middle East lists, that I can't answer each request personally due to the lack of time. I will have to post the information to the list. I apologize for the inconvenience this might be causing. Thank you.


Message-Id: <v01510103ad338cb48f7c@[]>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 10:57:32 +0200
To: Margarita Gokun Silver <mgokun@AVSC.ORG>
From: Larry B. Lambert <llambert@deltanet.com>
Subject: Re: Information needed

Does anyone know of similar discussion lists that deal with Middle East? My friend is very interested in joining one. To avoid excessive traffic on the Cenasia list, you can send this info directly to me. Thank you very much in advance.

Aljazirah-List. ALJAZIRAH-LIST Provides a forum for discussing issues of interest to students from the countries of the Arabian Peninsula (Al-Jazirah Al-Arabiya), and discussing issues that relate to the countries and peoples of the peninsula, in particular and the Muslim Ummah, in general. Membership is limited to Muslims. The list is maintained by badr@cs.washington.edu. Send subscription request to aljazirah-list-request@cs.washington.edu.

Camel Forum Discussion. CAMEL-L discusses the field of Camel research. It is maintained at King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia by Abdullah Altaher(facmab76@sakfu00.bitnet). Send subscription request to listserv@sakfu00.bitnet.

Egypt-Net. EGYPT-NET is a lively newletter published daily. E-mail submissions are compiled by the administrator into one long newsletter that is sent to all subcribers. Typical information is lively debate and news on Egypt. Send subscription request to egypt-net-request@das.harvard.edu.

Islamic Education Network. AMDA was established as an outlet for Islamic Education, based onl Qur'an and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. The network is also for the presentation of all Islamic ideas from any qualified scholar not just one Iman or Alim. It is intended for those who use the Qur'an and Sunnah in daily life and for those who seek greater understanding of Islam and its principles. For help with subscription requests send a message to fatimah.abdallah@treebranch.com.

Islamic Information and Issues Discussion Group. ISLAMIAT. Send subscription to listserv@sakaauo3.bitnet.

Islamic Economics Discussion List. ISLMECON is a list that discusses all aspects of economics from an Islamic perspective. It is based at the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Send subscription request to listserv@sairti00.bitnet or listserv%sairti00.bitnet@listserv.net.

History of Islam. ISLAM-L is a moderated list focused on the scholarly discussion and debate from various historical perspectives on issues concerning Islam and the Arab world. The list is owned by Jim Cocks at JACock01@ulkyvm.louisville.edu. The moderators are Joseph W. Roberts (Joseph.Roberts@m.cc.utah.edu), Jim Cocks (JACock01@ulkyvm.louisville.edu), and Mike Berdine (MBerdine@ccit.arizona.edu). Send subscription request to listserv@ulkyvm.louisville.edu.

Islam and Science List. ISL-SCI is a new list dealing with issues on Islam and science including history, sociology, anthropology, economics, politics, natureal sciences, and exegisis. Send subscription request to listserv@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu.

Muslim Student Association Listserv. MSA-L provides information from the Muslim Student Association. Send subscription request to listserv@psuvm.psu.edu.

Muslim Student Association Net. MSANET is a mailing list to meet the communication needs of Muslim Student Associations in North America. Issues related to Islam, and MSAs are discussed between Muslim Students on the list. The current maintainer is Aalim Fevens (fevens@qucis.queensu.ca). Send subscription request to msa-request@htm3.ee.queensu.ca.

Muslim Bay Net. MUSLIM BAYNET is a list for Muslims in the San Fransisco area to share information and ideas on activities, events and local issues. It is maintained by Munes Tomeh (tomeh@ocf.berkeley.edu). Send subscription request to muslimbaynet-request@ocf.berkeley.edu.

Political Islam List. POLITICAL-ISLAM is a mailing list for the scholarly discussion of all aspects of political Islam. Possible topics for discussion, and this is by no means an exhaustive list, include: the use of the term fundamentalism to describe the phenomenon; the history, structure, and rhetoric of Islamic groups and organizations; leaders and leadership of Islamic groups and organizations; reasons for the emergence of radical and /or violent actors within Islamic groups and organizations; the possibilities for the creation of and the viability of an Islamic state; and, government responses to Islamic groups and organizations. The list is owned by Joseph W. Roberts at the University of Utah (Joseph.Roberts@m.cc.utah.edu). Send subscription request to political-islam-request@lists.utah.edu. The subject of your subscription request should be "subscribe" without the quotes. The posting address is political-islam@lists.utah.edu.

In previous editions of this guide I have listed resoruces on Isreal, Judaism, and Judaica. I have deleted the paltry few resources that I listed did not do justice to the more than 150 E-Conferences that deal with Isreal, Judaism, and Jewish Life that are found on the internet.

Please consult the "GLOBAL JEWISH NETWORKING HANDBOOK" by Dov Winer listed in the bibliography in Part I of this guide and the JERUSALEM ONE GOPHER SERVER described in Section 2, Part I entitled GOPHER SERVERS but this action was inevitable.

Arabic Linguistics and Language Teaching. ARABIC-L deals with issues of concern to Arab linguists and teachers of Arabic. Send subscription request to mailserv@byu.edu.

Electronic Hebrew User Group. E-HUG is for users who use the Hebrew language electonically. Send subscription request to listserv@dartcms1.bitnet.

Hebrew Grammar and Etymology. HEBLANG is a discussion group on the Hebrew language. Send subscription request to heblang@israel.nysernet.org.

It Is Arabic Language And Technology (ITISALAT). ITISALAT. Send subscription request to listserv@guvm.bitnet.

Hebrew Tex List. IVRITEX is a list for users of the Hebrew version of the Tex word processor. Send subscription request to listserv@taunivm.tau.ac.il.

Discussion Forum on Personal Comuters Arabization. PCARAB-L is a list of mostly Saudi users. Send subsciption request to listserv@sakfu00.bitnet.

Script on Computer. READER is a list that deals with Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and other scripts on computer. Submissions should be sent to reader@tasha.poly.edu. Send subscription reqiest to alex@dt.uh.edu.

Turkish Tex Users Group. YUNUS deals with Turkish text processing. Send subscription request to listserv@trmetu.bitnet.

Jordan News List. JORDANNEWS-L is a new discussion group that focuses on issues of concern to Jordanians and about Jordan itself. For information on the list send messages to isaid@netcom.com. Send subscription request to listserv@netcom.com.

Lebanon-Net. LEB-NET is a discussion list for news relating to Lebanon. It is monitored by boudi@cumesa.mech.columbia.edu. Send subscription request to leb-net@cumesa.mech.columbia.edu.

Palestine-Net. PNET is a very lively and active discussion list for friends of the Palestinian people. News, debates, and friendly discussion is the norm. Send subscription request to the P-Net Steering Committee listed below. The important addresses are:

GENERAL (Palestine-net@banumusa.csl.uiuc.edu);
GENERAL (P-Net@banumusa.csl.uiuc.edu);
GENERAL (Pnet@banumusa.csl.uiuc.edu);
NEWS ITEMS (Pnet-news@banumusa.csl.uiuc.edu);
COMMITTEE (Pnet-sc@banumusa.csl.uiuc.edu); and
UNSUBSCRIBE (Pnet-unsub@banumusa.csl.uiuc.edu).

Algeria-Net. ALGERIA-NET contains news and discussion of Algeria in French and English. Send subscription request to majordomo@mail.msen.com.

Amazigh-Net. AMAZIGH-NET is a forum for discussions on any issue related to the Amazigh language, history, and culture. The goals of Amazigh-net is to promote and preserve the Amazigh culture and language. It is hoped that this network will serve as a factor in order to create a constant and cohesive effort towards giving Tamazight and the Amazigh culture the international status they deserve. Send subscription request to amazigh-net@ensisun.imag.fr to receive subscription information.

Algerian Peace Association. APA-NET os a forum for coordinating the efforts of all people interested in solving the actual Algerian Crisis through peaceful means. It contains articles, news, discussions, and organizational information for APA. Send subscription request to apa-net@mail.msen.com.

Mauritania Network. MAURITANIE-NET is a new list hosted in French and English that discusses historical, political, and cultural issues in Mauritania. Send subscription request to mauritanie-net-request@bat710.univ-lyon1.fr.

Maghrebian Scientific Institute. MIAST is a forum for the discussion of science and technology in the Arab Middle East. Send subscription request to listserv@uiucvmd.bitnet.

Tunisian Scientific Society Activities List. TSSACT-L. Send subscription request to listserv@utkvm1.bitnet.

Tunisian Scientific Society News. TSSNEWS. Send subscription request to listserv@athena.mit.edu.

The Tunisia List. TUNISIA LIST was created to encourage contact among Tunisian students and researchers throughout the world. The list is owned by Maher Hamdi (hamdi@rsm.enst-bretagne.fr. Send subscription request to hamdi@rennes.enst-bretagne.fr.

The Tunisia Network. TUNISNET provides discussion and news about Tunisia. There is also substantial discussion about the sciences in Tunisia. Send subscription request to listserv@psuvm.psu.edu.


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