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Subject: Aussie Strikes Continue

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Angry union set to stay out until Shell freezes over

By Joanne Painter, IGC LaborNews, 20 August 1996

Victoria's petrol dispute escalated yesterday after the Australian Workers Union threatened national industrial action in the oil industry if Shell Australia went ahead with plans to sue striking employees. AWU officials will hold a national phone hook-up later this week to plan a significant escalation of the dispute, now in its ninth day.

The union is also poised to reimpose picket lines at Shell's Newport distribution centre, a move that could threaten up to 60 per cent of the state's petrol supply. About 240 Shell production workers met for more than three hours yesterday and voted to strike indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Shell Australia was finalising legal preparations for a hearing in the Supreme Court, expected later this week, to obtain an injunction preventing the union from picketing Shell facilities. In an urgent hearing in the Industrial Relations Commission today, Shell will apply for a certificate under section 166a of the act, allowing the company to begin legal action.

Shell Australia's manager of industrial relations, Mr Warren Stooke, said the union had shown an appalling disregard for the law when it defied an IRC order to lift picket lines.

In other developments yesterday, the vehicle industry faces its longest dispute in 15 years, with about 2500 Toyota vehicle workers voting to extend their week-long strike until Friday.