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Union Computer Deal Launched

Workers Online, 22 June 2000

The launch of the Get-on-Board venture gives the union movement the opportunity to establish a footing in the information economy, while delivering computers to working people at an affordable price, Labor Council secretary Michael Costa said today.

Mr Costa said the company, in which the union movement will share a one third stake with the ALP and leading financial services provider Kingsway Capital, had the potential to be every bit as valuable as its broadcast media asset, radio station 2KY. As the new economy develops, organizations that develop and consolidate their membership networks will have a huge advantage and a sound footing to deal with the challenging times ahead, Mr Costa said.

This deal provides the Labor Council with significant equity in recognition of the important asset we bring to the venture - our network of union members.

Mr Costa said the offer of weekly computer for $9.95 per week sets a new benchmark in accessibility for working people who, until now, have been locked out of the information revolution by the high entry costs.

This deal is about delivering affordable computers and internet access to those who have not been able to afford the significant start-up costs of going on line, Mr Costa said.

It will also provide a funding base for the union movement to develop their internet infrastructure to provide new resources and services for union members.

If this project is successful, it will ensure that the trade union movement is not left behind in the information age.

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