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History of Polynesia as a whole

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   History of Oceania in general

History of Tonga

Tonga Journalists Fight Royal Repression
By Terry Coggan, the Militant, vol. 61, no. 3 (January 20, 1997)The Pro-Democracy Movement (PDM) in historical context.

History of Tahiti

Revolt in Tahiti
Re protest against French nuclear test. From: Pamela Meidell/Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. 6 September, 1995
Update from the Ta`ta Maohi of French-Occupied Polynesia
By Pamela Meidell, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, 6 September 1995. General strike of 6-7 September in reaction to France's nuclear test.
French tests galvanise freedom movement
From An Phoblacht/Republican News. 15 September, 1995. The political fallout from the resumption of nuclear testing in French Polynesia.
Amnesty International Urges Immediate Inquiry into Alleged Ill-Treatment of Arrested Trade Unionists.
In Papeete, Tahiti. AI Index: ASA 50/01/95. 20 September, 1995.
A brief history of the independence movement
By Norm Dixon, in Green Left Weekly, 13 October 1995. In effect, a history of modern Tahiti.
French crackdown in Tahiti
By Norm Dixon, in Green Left Weekly, 2 November 1995. Police crack down on pro-independence and anti-nuclear demonstrators.
Tahiti independence party makes big gains
By Norm Dixon, in Green Left Weekly, 6 May 1996. About the Tavini Huiraatira (Polynesian Liberation Front).

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