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Political and general history of Aotearoa - New Zealand

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   History of Aotearoa - New Zealand in general
GATT Watchdog activist launches legal action against SIS over bungled 1996 break-in
Media release, 20 October 1997. NZ Security Intelligence Service sued for attempted break-in of a home.
New Zealand get first female prime minister
Agence France-Presse (AFP), 6 December 1997. Jenny Shipley called New Zealand's most hated prime minister.
Impact of MAI on municipal bodies
Two letters of Janice Moira Graham, 22 December 1997, analyze how privatization and MAI point to the end of local government.
Shipley signals increased user pays
Press Release: New Zealand Alliance Party, 17 February 1998. PM pushes for user charges rather than public sector services, dissolving the political commonwealth.

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