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History of the Maori of Aotearoa

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   History of Aotearoa - New Zealand in general
New Zealand Government Signs Initial Agreement with Tainui Tribe to end Historic Land Claims
Re the Waikato-Tainui Maorio people. 21 December, 1994.
Maoris Celebrate Land Seizure
By Malcolm MaCallister for the Militant. 25 March, 1996.
APEC, Free Trade, and "Economic Sovereignty"
By Aziz Choudry, 14 November 1996. A paper on the effect of Structural Adjustment Program upon the Maori people.
The MAI and the Treaty of Waitangi
By Makere Harawira, 1 November 1997. A paper on the significance of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment for the Maori.
New Zealand Gov't Tries To Limit Maori Fishing Rights
By Janet Roth, in the Militant, 16 February 1998.

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