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Economic and environmental history of Aotearoa - New Zealand

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   History of Aotearoa - New Zealand in general

Economic history

Economic Fundamentalism: The New Zealand Experiment - A World Model for Structural Adjustment?
Review of a book by Jane Kelsey (Pluto Press, 1995). 16 March, 1996.
The full story about the New Zealand economic "miracle"
From New Zealand Council of Trade Unions. 10 June, 1997.
New Zealand runs big risks by accepting the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) on trust
By Gordon Campbell, NZ Listener, 27 December 1997.
MAI - ready and willing
By Janice Moira Graham, 11 January 1998. The relationship between the history of privatization in New Zealand and MAI for the take over of government by transnationals.
Government Social Irresponsibility, Insincerity, Slammed Over Paris Investment Negotiations
Media release from GATT Watchdog, 15 February 1998. Critique of Shipley's stance toward the MAI negotiations in Paris.
By Makere Harawira, who writes to Breakfast Show, Television One, New Zealand, 15 February 1998. Argues MAI aims to free international commerce from political constraints. Re impact on Maori, etc.

Environmental history

Coeur gold mine Habitat Certificate laughable
From Denis Tegg, 30 November 1995. Coeur in bed with U.S. Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC).
New Zealand's Buller Forest saved
From Environment News Service, 20 June 1997.
Maori Activists And Fishermen Discuss How To Protect Fish Stocks In New Zealand
By Felicity Coggan, in the Militant, 22 September 1997.

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