Guarding against capitalist way of life called for

Korean News, 28 November 2001

Pyongyang, November 28 (KCNA)—The capitalist way of life demoralizing people in a twinkle is little short of a dangerous drug as it degenerates them, Rodong Sinmun today in a signed article says, calling for strictly guarding against this way of life. The American way of life typical of the capitalist way of life represents the way of life of brutes as it is based on the jungle law, extreme misanthropy, national chauvinism and all other corrupt ideas, the article notes.

Referring to its harmfulness, the article goes on:

Anyone following the capitalist way of life is bound to become a beast, a slave of money and a fool totally bereft of reason and morality.

The capitalist way of life is as harmful as a drug because it deprives people of conscience, morality, love, creative energy and enthusiasm and reduces them to animals and brutes.

Introducing the capitalist way of life would bring socialism to a collapse and make the country and the nation fall prey to the imperialists.

If this way of life is allowed to make its way to society and people take to it, they will become loafers waiting for a chance of a good luck, renegades of revolution and will be reduced to the despicable traitors who readily betray his homeland, the benevolent party and the generous socialist system for a few dollars.

One should guard against and keep oneself from the capitalist way of life.

All countries should take strict measures to prevent this way of life from infiltrating into society and root out even the slightest manifestation of it.

Thoroughly combating the capitalist way of life and firmly defending the socialist way of life means protecting people's genuine rights and their freedom.