The relation of labor and the environment

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Workers face high costs from emissions cuts-unions
Introduction to news item by Kim Scipes, 12 December 1997. Appended Reuters news item (Trumka argues that emissions standards imposed on rich nations would cause a transfer of technology to regions lacking environmental protections). Scipes objects to the environment vs. jobs categories.
Getting workers on your side is crucial to the success of programmes to reduce greenhouse gases, say the unions
ICFTU ONLINE..., 11 November 1998. The recent deadly hurricane is the dramatic yet tragic effect of climate change. Workers who are experiencing at first hand the deadly effects of greenhouse gases are ready to give their support and expertise to plans to implement strong measures to mitigate the effects of climate change.
Labor and the environment
By Haines Brown, 31 August 2003. Seeks to define the parameters of the debate. Distinguishes the short range and the long range problem.