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ICFTU mounting campaign against slave and forced labour worldwide

ICFTU Online..., 82/991004/DD, 4 October 1999

Brussels October 4 1999 (ICFTU OnLine): As part of its overall campaign for the implementation of core ILO standards, the ICFTU is developing a campaign against the use of forced and slave labour.

Over the past two years its has pressed for the suspension of the European Union Generalised System of Preference in Pakistan and Burma, because of the current use of forced labour in these countries. Currently Burma is under an indefinite suspension of EU GSP privileges, as a result.

In Brazil, it is cooperating with the ICFTU's Brazilian affiliates in supporting a research project into the extent and nature of forced labour, and which will lead to proposals for future activities to wipe out forced labour in the country.

The ICFTU has welcomed the efforts of the DGB and NSZZ Solidarnosc to push for adequate compensation for slave labour and forced labour carried out during World War II which benefited the Third Reich. During World War II millions of people - both concentration camp inmates and slave labourers were performing involuntary work for the German economy.

The negotiations on the level of compensation are to resume this month.

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