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Protest against violent suppression of Korean Daewoo workers

AMWU press release, 28 February 2001

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union is holding a protest rally in support of Korean Daewoo workers.

When: 1pm Thursday 1st March 2001

Where: Korean Consulate
32 Martin Place

The workers in Korea suffered brutal and vicious attacks from police last week while protesting against mass sackings that now total nearly 5000. Financial mismanagement, based on huge illegal overseas loans by Daewoo executives, has led to the mass sackings and remaining workers being forced to accept 30% cuts to their wages.

Workers, unions, students, Aidwatch, churches and community groups will be protesting at the Korean Consulate at 1pm on Thursday 1st March 2001. They are protesting in support of the Korean workers' right to protest, their right to long term job security and against the influence of globalised capital and the free trade agenda of the World Trade Organisation, which has corrupted the Korean Government's handling of the Daewoo situation.

There will be banners, placards and a large number of protestors present. The following people will be speaking at the protest:

Joon Shik Shin - Korean Resource Centre

James Arvanitakis - Aid Watch

Paul Bastian - NSW State Secretary, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

For further information about the protest contact:

Jan Primrose (protest coordinator) - 0408 625 851

Paul Bastian, State Secretary, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union - 0419 409 285

Lauren Teague (media) - 0419 995 156

For further information about the situation in Korea contact:
Julius Roe, National President, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union - 0419 293 114

Julius Roe