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Seychelles, Cuban Unions Forge Links

Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 2 March 2001

Port Louis, Mauritius - The Seychelles Federation of Workers' Union (SFWU) plans to establish relations with Cuba Federation of Workers' Union (CFWU), according to news monitored from Victoria.

SFWU's union's secretary general, Bernard Adonis said one of the objectives of his trade union was to represent local workers on an international level and forge partnership with similar movements in the world.

Valentina Laza-Cardenas, representative from the CFWU, would be visiting the Seychelles next week to hold discussions with the SFWU executive committee as well as William Herminie, the minister of social affairs and manpower development.

"By establishing co-operation with the CFWU, SFWU would benefit in areas of exchange of visits and collaboration and sharing of experience in common workers' issues, such as occupational safety and health in working places and the issue of globalisation," the local press quoted Adonis as saying.

According to him, SFWU has a lot to offer in terms of sharing Seychelles' experience in connection with labour issues, including the matter of a free child labour workforce.

Adonis indicated that SFWU has also embarked on a joint co- operation venture with the All China Federation of Trade Union and Workers' Union of Mauritius.

SFWU has plans to hold a series of activities, particularly workshops in the field of capacity building, occupational health in agriculture, productivity and training needs assessment.

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