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The retrospective history
of the world's working class

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   The history in general of the world's working class

The Workingmans International Association

The Manifesto of the Communist Party (1848)
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. An on-line hypertext edition with all notes, published by Hartford Web Publishing.
Birth of the Communist Manifesto
Dale Wharton reviews an edition of the Manifesto, Montreal, 28 December 1998. This review of the Struik edition of the Manifesto places the Manifesto in broad historical context.
Interview with Karl Marx, head of L'Internationale
By R. Landor, New York World, 18 July 1871. The interviewer sounds Marx out about the International and possible associations with the Paris Commune and with Mazzini
Interview with Karl Marx
By H., Chicago Tribune, 5 January 1879. Somewhat of an American perspective, but with some attention to the International.
Karl Marx
Interview by John Swinton, The Sun, no. 6, 6 September 1880. The focus of this interview is Marx himself.

The history of May Day

May Day, The Workers' Day (1886)
By Andy McInerney, in Liberation & Marxism, Spring, 1996. May Day became the premier symbol of international working-class solidarity.
May Day - The Real Labor Day
From Luther Gaylord <lgaylord@iww.org>, May 1995.
The History of Labor Day
By Judson MacLaury, Departmental Historian, U.S. Dept. of Labor, 3 May 1995. Corrective to suggestion that U.S. Labor Day was cooked up in order to counter international labor day (May Day).
Labor Day and May Day
By David Montgomery, 6 September 1995.

The working-class challenge to the bourgeois state

Workers State Is A Weapon In The Class Struggle
By Mary-Alice Waters, in The Militant, 6 October 1997. On the anniversary of the Russian Revolution.
Why is a revolutionary party so important?
By Greg Butterfield, 21 January 1999. Draws attention to the contribution of Vladimir Lenin to working class struggle.