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The history of the repression
of the world labor movement

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   The world political circumstance of the working class

International Confederation claims repression is rife
By Robert Taylor, Labor News, 13 June 1997. Trade unions are being repressed across the world in more countries than ever before, according to a ICFTU report. It claims trade union repression occurred in 108 countries during 1996, the largest number it has ever recorded.
The heavy toll of trade union repression around the world(1)
ICFTU Online..., 14 June 1998. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the international recognition of trade union rights, the repression meted out to trade union activists shows no sign of abating. Hundreds of trade unionists were killed in 1997, as the ICFTU's latest Survey shows.
Anti-union repression persists worldwide says report
By Gustavo Capdevila, IPS, 24 September 2000. Anti-union repression in 1999 cost the lives of 140 women and men around the world, charges the ICFTU in its annual report on the global problem of labor rights violations.