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The struggle of world labor with Nike

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   The history of world labor's struggle with transnational corporations

The Andrew Young/GoodWorks International Report on Nike
Labor Alerts, 28 June 1997. The results of its 6-month review of Nike labor practices. Campaign for Labor Rights is issuing this statement to clarify what actions we and many others believe are necessary in order for Nike -- or any company operating in the context of the global sweatshop -- to treat their workers with justice.
Nike: The Young Report: "A public relations exercise"
ICFTU Online..., 2 July 1997. The sentencing on June 27 of a supervisor at a Nike factory in Vietnam to six months in prison calls into question a report published three days earlier by a firm of consultants on behalf of the sports shoe giant which claims workers for the multinational are "well treated".
Clean clothes Campaign meeting with Nike European operations
Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC), The Netherlands, 20 August 1997. When Nike failed to respond concerning police repression of workers at its Bangladesh factory, the CCC visited Nike directly to ask that it assume responsibility for the incident. In the face of a possible embarassing demonstration, Nike became more accomodating.
Important sign-on letter to Nike for reinstatement of fired union member
From Campaign for Labor Rights, 30 October 1999. A turning point in the 9-year international campaign to win justice for Nike workers. Beginning with Haryanto's case, CLR is concentrating its Nike campaign efforts on promoting worker empowerment. Haryanto is an officer in a union federation representing shoe and garment workers in a number of Nike factories in Indonesia.