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The world history of unionism

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   The world economic struggle of the working class

When the boot is on the other foot
By Chris Lowe, 5 September 1995. Recalls a case in the early 80s of one of the FOSATU unions raising money to support a strike by 3M workers in New Jersey. Difference of a union-to-union (& local, at the U.S. end), directed at a specific corporation, and a case at the federation level, directed at a government and region. Problems with such alliances. South African unions could aid the AFL-CIO's attempts to revitalize itself.
Organized Labour 2000. Summary of January February Debate. "Dignity and Voice in a Hostile World"
By Jill Murray, 22 March 2000. The Online Conference, Organised Labour 2000, was about organising and covered recruit of members into an organisation at the workplace level and the factors influencing the behaviours of union officials, potential members and their employers, and the ways in which unions operate to activate and empower their members.
SIGTUR: "Southern Initiative on Globalisation and Trade Union Rights"
From LabourStart, 19 December 2000. The struggles of the working class should now be national in form and international in content. An alternative vision driven by values of social justice, equity and material security for all is the goal.