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The world history of casual labor

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   The social division in general of world labor

The history of migrant labor

Migrant Workers Challenging Global Structures
Seoul, South Korea Conference Statement. 9 September 1996. The impact of globalization and structural adjustment.
World migration tops 120 million, says ILO report
The Jakarta Post, 3 March 2000. ILO report indicates that, far from reducing international migration flows -- by moving products instead of people -- globalization will give rise to increased migration pressures in the years ahead,
Globalisation likely to increase migration pressures, ILO forecasts
AFP, 2 March 2000. The globalization of the world economy will intensify migration as the freer flow of goods and capital worsens income inequalities and shakes up traditional labor markets.

The history of immigrant labor

Response to NYT editorial
By David Bacon, 23 February 2000. Author defends the AFL-CIO's reversal in its position regarding immigrant labor. The original editorial is also here reproduced.
Newer markets beckon Indian IT professionals
Cyber India Online, 13 December 2000. Europe and Asia-Pacific region are now beginning to compete with the US for Indian IT labor. Example of how globalization dissolves national links with labor.