Date: Thu, 13 Mar 97 09:27:39 EST
From: "Glen WELKER" <>
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Subject: U.N. - C24 on Decolonization (fwd)

Author: (Ho`okele Hawai`i) at INTERNET2
Date: 3/13/97 2:39 AM

U.N. - C24 on Decolonization

By (Ho`okele Hawai`i). 13 March, 1997.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

(quick note) It's been some time, sorry about the Tahiti action, found the communications completely controlled by government and extreme difficulty getting online. However by the end of the visit we successfully got an account and computors configured for Hiti Tau an Indigenous NGO of about 50 independence organizations. Check out a small site we did at or mail them at: Their leaders' name is: Gaby Tetiarahi. Great warriors there too - wish we could all come together sometime.


I have just this evening received the following notice from a diplomat (who is indigenous) at the General Assembly:

"my dearest sister the US and UK are certainly pushing hard to kill the decolonisation committee (C24). I think we need warrior net to put out an alert that the 'colonial administrative powers' are not interested in the UN pursuing the Declaration to eradicate colonialism by the year 2000 and to fulfill the Charter of the UN. We go to the vote this week at the Plenary of the GA."

Does anyone have any ideas on how to affect some difference here? Many of you have been working on this end of the issues facing Indigenous Peoples. What are the consequences of such a decision and how can we do anything about it?

Our sovereign and indigenous wisdom is where the answers all are and many of you are attorneys and doctors with great experience and expertise. Your voice is needed and appreciated.

Brothers and Sisters - recall, our UN action last year took them by surprise because of our Indigenous family who was with us not only through letters and responses, moreover through prayer and ceremony. I just want to share for a moment the sense of deep love and honor I felt when I would see my brothers and sisters there (inside the UN) crying when they would read our brothers and sisters' letters from the outside. It was real strong inside me, an understanding from the ancestors voices, that we can do the things we need to in sacred ways, this is the foundation we all walk upon.

And, I want to recall - that the governments were completely un-accustomed to the world especially Our world - knowing what they were doing in real time on such a large scale. Our NetWarrior list is nearly 1,000 and we call upon it only in critical moments. Here a brother has let us know what they are doing again. Can we make a shift? Before they they go to do it?

Malama Ala a ka Manu a me Malama Pono,

PS: Note from the Blackfoot to Netwarriors has just come in - an Urgent request for legal assistance... please write: Long Standing Bear Chief <>