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Main points of the International Court ruling

By Tali Nir, Haaretz, 11 July 2004

The International Court of Justice in The Hague on Friday declared the separation fence between Israel and the West Bank illegal in every aspect. The Court said Israel could not justify the fence on the grounds of self-defense.

The ruling included a legal examination of international laws, treaties, and agreements and did not limit itself to the legality of the fence but related to the situation of the Palestinians in general.

In this vein, the Court related to the Israeli settlements, stating that they were established illegally according to Article 49 of the Geneva Convention.

The Court said it could not remain indifferent to claims that the fence created facts on the ground that could lead to demarkation and annexation of territories.

The ruling was issued by a majority of 14 justices to one—Thomas Brugenthal of the United States. Brugenthal said the court did not have all the facts and therefore should not have heard the case.

The main points in the ruling are: