The history of state terrorism

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Frank Kitson, Low intensity operations: subversion, insurgency, peacekeeping, (1971)
Reviewed by Dale Wharton, 11 January 1966. The author fought subversion and insurgency and tried peacekeeping in Kenya 1953-5, Malaya 1957, Cyprus 1962-4, and Northern Ireland 1970-2. He explains that traditional methods may fail, and so required is deviousness, patience, and determination to outwit the opponents by stealth and fraud.
New Technologies of Political Repression
6 January 1998. An edited version of a 112-page Special Report to the European Parliament prepared by the Omega Foundation for the European Parliament's department of Scientific and Technological Options Assessment (STOA). A new technology of repression spawned to contain civil unrest.
Amnesty International releases statistics on worldwide executions for 1999, calls for moratorium
News Release, 18 April 2000. Releasing its statistics for the number of worldwide executions carried out during 1999, Amnesty International called on the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to take a strong stand against the death penalty and establish a moratorium on executions.
Holocaust and genocide
Robert Fisk, Independent (London), 5 August 2000. All acts of genocide deserve equal recognition. The 1915 Armenian Christian genocide as world's first genocide. Hitler's Holocaust should not be privileged. Denials. Editorial policy.
The Forgotten Terrorists
By Mumia Abu-Jamal, 24 September 2001. The terrorism waged against the poor and powerless of many nations. State terrorism kills, maims, tortures, and destroys many thousands of people every year, far more than private terrorists. The example of the CIA, which has overthrown functioning constitutional democracies in over 20 countries. How many died as a result of U.S. stimulation of world tensions?
In the name of fighting terrorism
By Terrie Albano, People's Weekly World, 8 June 2002. A look at what has happened in the world in the name of fighting terrorism. Right-wing extremism. War on terrorism used to support reactionary policies. It takes courage in these times to speak out responsibly.