The social history of Islam

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Discussion on women and human rights in Muslim societies (Worldwide women's group says basic rights common to all)
By Joanne L. Nix, USIA Staff Writer, USIS Wasinginton File, 14 July 1997. Being able to say what you think is a universal human right. The idea of family values is universal. Women's human rights education is a vital part of the democratization process. That is the policy of the Sisterhood Is Global Institution (SIGI), an international non-profit organization.
Slain Muslim Feminist Writer Honoured
By Nadire Mater, IPS, 6 March 2000. Practising feminism and criticising the established religion in an Islamist society can literally result in death as slain feminist writer, Konca Kuris, tragically discovered. Kuris was tortured and slain, allegedly by Hizbollah, for her interpretation of Islam from a modern feminist point of view.