The political theory of revolution

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Program of the dispossessed is key to victory of revolution
From the Leage of Revolutionaries for a New America, Rally, Comrades!, November 1997. The line of march is a phrase often used, and after a while in the revolutionary movement terms begin taking the place of concepts. But this phrase is so fundamental, we keep going back to it to try and understand what is meant.
Revolutionary Culture
By Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, Le Monde diplomatique January 2004. Revolutionaries, who question history, have always kept their distance from the idea of cultural heritage as a gift of the past, regarding it instead as the product of former ruling classes that controlled the course of history but have since been overthrown.
By Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz, President of the Republic of Cuba, at the Karl Marx Theater on January 3, 2004, for the 45 anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban revolution. Unhappy with the social and political situation in our country, we simply resolved to change it. What happened to Cuba would help showing all of the illusion and deception contained in those elegant texts about principles and rights.
Harmonization and Global Transformation
A chapter from Richard K. Moore, Transformation: Why we Need it and How can we Achieve it? (2004). We are now in the midst of an extremely volatile and unstable moment in history. Even in the midst of a chaotic situation, our Transformational Imperative remains in effect. if We the People get our act together in the right way, there is no power that can stand against us.
Direct Democracy, Wisdom Councils, and The Revolution
By Richard K. Moore, 19 January 2004. Anyone with any sense today knows that civilization is overdue for radical transformation. If we love our children, if we care about life, we have no moral choice but to do whatever we can to change all this. For sensible people, there are only two important questions: Can we make a real difference? If so, what can we do?
Gathering the Tribe
By Mumia Abu-Jamal, 19 June 2007. How to remake this world that is obviously going wrong. Learn from mistakes of the past. Every generation must discover its mission, and fulfill it or betray it.
The Class Struggle will no Longer be Offshored: Who will make our shirts when China is rich?
By Jean Bricmont, Le Monde diplomatique, September 2007. Social democracy is still based on the exploitation of the third world, with which Europe must now create a new relationship.