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King Mohammed VI Speaks Out On Democracy

Panafrican News Agency, 6 August 2000

RABAT, Morocco (PANA) - Moroccan King Mohammed VI declared Saturday that all civilisation's peoples have the right to choose the type of democracy which conforms with its history and level of economic and social development.

In a message to an international symposium on the theme Democracy as Seen By the South in Assilah, northern Morocco, the king said it was necessary to take the specific conditions of countries in the South in their efforts to acquire an authentic democratic experience.

The young king, who came to the throne more than a year ago, spoke against the tendency to export the western democratic system to countries in the South.

The democratic concept in countries of the South requires democracies in the North to be conscious that their support towards democracies in the South does not entail exporting their system, the king told the meeting.

He appealed to countries in the North to rather understand the specificity of the democratic models chosen by countries in the South to construct their democratic regimes.

He also called on countries in the North to provide additional financial support towards democracies in the South, particularly by alleviating the debt burden.