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Subject: [Sunshine] New at the “Non-Lethal” Weapons Clearinghouse
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Multi-Functional Grenade Modeling and Simulation

US National Institute of Justice (DOJ Contract 2004-IJ-CX-K051), July 2004

This contract with California-based Scientific Applications and Research Associates Inc. (SARA) is for a computer simulation of SARA's real-world product, the multi-sensory grenade (MSG). The MSG is also known as the Clear-a-Space Device. The development of the MSG has been funded by the US Marine Corps.

Other public sources about the MSG, including SARA's website, suggest that it will have a malodorant payload (along with flash-bang). This contract is unique, however, because it indicates that planning is underway for the MSG to have a “knock-out gas” payload. A caption on page one of the contract states: “Here, we see a gas-masked soldier in position near a building's air supply intake. With additions to the program, we can have the soldier's weapons-usage abilities allow for the application of knock-out gas…”

In simple terms, this contract calls for the creation of a computer simulation for US police (or military) forces to experiment with the use of chemical weapons. The computer simulation is based upon a computer game called Quake or Half-Life. The US National Institute of Justice coordinates its “non-lethal” weapons research with JNLWD.

This document is heavily redacted. The Sunshine Project believes that the vast majority of the redactions are not legal under the Freedom of Information Act. On 5 January 2005, we filed an appeal with the US Department of Justice to have an unredacted copy of this contract released.