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Subject: [Sunshine] New at the “Non-Lethal” Weapons Clearinghouse
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Independent Technology Assessment: The Objective Individual Combat Weapon Non-Lethal Munition

Penn State Applied Research Lab (USMC Contract M67004-99-D-0037-0050), October 2002

This report by Penn State for the US Marine Corps reviews the development of the OICW Non-Lethal Munition, also called the Airburst Non-Lethal Munition, as of 2002. The record contains many small redactions, almost all of which are pointless as any reasonably attentive observer of JNLWD can quickly fill in the blanks.

The record extensively discusses anti-personel chemical payload issues. The munition, which comes in 20mm and 40mm varieties (and possibly more), is designed to explode over the head of an entrenched enemy, a use not dissimilar to a way in which US forces have reportedly used white phosphorus (WP) in Iraq.

The report also draws attention to the small payload size of the 20mm shell, specifically questioning if CS (tear gas) would incapacitate in such small quantities. The Sunshine Project suggested this some time ago, and noted its concern that an “effective” chemical payload for this shell would lead the Pentagon into further trouble with the Chemical Weapons Convention. That concern is bolstered by the suggestions in the report by panel members Murray and Kenny that a variety of alternative chemical payloads are available. Both Murray and Kenny are co-authors of the infamous Advantages and Limitations of Calmatives report.