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South Korea to make electromagnetic bombs

UPI, 27 July 2006

SEOUL, July 27 (UPI)—South Korea plans to produce its own electromagnetic pulse bombs, similar to those used by the United States to knock out Serbian power during the Kosovo war.

The country's Agency for Defense Development, affiliated with the Defense Ministry, said the weapon would be developed over the next three years by the Poonsang Co., South Korea's largest munitions manufacturer.

“It reflects a trend of modern warfare which focuses on non-lethal weapons. If a country recklessly kills people in its enemy state or destroys infrastructure there during a war, the cost of reconstruction will spike high after the war, and the county will also lose people's support in the enemy state,” the Korea Herald Thursday quoted an anonymous government official.

The official said electromagnetic pulse bombs would be useful in incapacitating North Korea's underground military bases near the border in the event of war.

The bomb is made of nickel and carbon fiber. Exploded in the air over an electricity grid, the alloy sticks to electricity lines and transformers and disrupts the current.