Labor rights

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Battle over a world labour code
ICG LaborNews, 11 June 1997. The battle for a set of minimum labour standards around the world reopens at the ILO conference in Geneva, with proposals to issue certificates of good standing to countries that comply.
ILO Conference Reaffirms Basic Rights in the Workplace
By Gustavo Capdevila, InterPress Service, 19 June 1998. After three weeks of deliberations, the International Labour Conference approved a non-binding declaration reaffirming fundamental rights in the workplace, threatened by the phenomenon of globalisation.
ICFTU reports to ILO on failure to respect of basic labour rights
ICFTU Online, 31 October 2001. In a report submitted today to the ILO within the framework of the follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) examines the situation in 45 countries. Although not exhaustive, the report clearly illustrates a failure to respect basic labour standards.
ILO Workers' Group denounces anti-union repression world-wide
International Labour Organization (ILO) Bureau for Workers Activities (ACTRAV), ACTRAV Info, 5 June 2002. Belarus, Colombia, Ethiopia, Burma (Myanmar), Sudan and Venezuela were singled out today for anti-union repression by more than 500 workers' representatives from 175 countries attending this year's annual session of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).
New Treaty a Major Breakthrough for Migrant Workers
ICFTU Online…, 1 July 2003. A new international treaty protecting migrant workers is being hailed by the ICFTU as a major breakthrough for the world's 175 million migrant workers.
Don't let employers get the testing habit
Hazards Magazine, November 2003. Testing is a dangerous distraction that will be bad for your safety and privacy, and it may be their company, but your body is your business.
Labour rights violations on the increase, says survey
By Robert Evans, Business Report, 10 June 2004. The world's largest grouping of labour unions yesterday singled out the US—along with China, Colombia, Belarus and Myanmar (also known as Burma)—as a serious violator of workers' rights.