Capitalism and weapons production

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Russia Is Top Arms Seller to Developing Nations
By Philip Shenon, New York Times, 29 August 1996. Russia, eager to bolster its economy with the hard currency it earns from the sale of everything from bullets to jet fighters, surpassed the United States and France last year as the largest arms seller to the developing world.
New record set for U.S. arms exports
By Ken Boettcher, The People, July 1999. A recent report released by the Washington research center Demilitarization for Democracy shines some light into the black hole of U.S. arms sales.
Led by U.S., Arms Sales Surge Globally
By Steven Lee Myers, The New York Times, 21 August 2000. International arms sales surged last year to the highest level since 1996, and the United States solidified its position as the world's biggest arms dealer.