Covert war

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Nixon's views on presidental power
Excerpts from an Interview with David Frost, New York Times, 20 May 1977. So what in a sense, you’re saying is that there are certain situations, and the Huston Plan or that part of it was one of them, where the president can decide that it's in the best interests of the nation or something, and do something illegal. Nixon: Well, when the president does it that means that it is not illegal.
Business on the battlefield: The role of private military companies
The Corporate Research Project, Corporate Research E-Letter, No.30, December 2002. In a war against Iraq, many of the soldiers on the battlefield will not be part of the U.S. military. Rather, they will be civilians employed by private military companies (PMCs).
Candid Cameras Cover the Bases
By Vernon Loeb, Washington Post, Sunday 15 December 2002. National security issues about the privatization of spy satellite images. The CIA and the Pentagon have voiced no objections, largely because they benefit more than anyone else from these new high-resolution commercial imaging satellites.
Mercenaries in ‘coup plot’ guarded UK officials in Iraq
By Antony Barnett, Solomon Hughes and Jason Burke, The Observer, Sunday 6 June 2004. Mercenaries accused of planning a coup in an oil-rich African state also worked under contract for the British government providing security in Iraq, raising fears about the way highly sensitive security work is awarded.