The privatization of war

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The privatization of war
By Ron Rowe, 15 March 2000. U.S. “military specialty companies” looking to profit from the U.S. military “aid” package to Colombia. Also a brief article on which this article is based, “Contractors playing increasing role in U.S. drug war,” in Dallas Morning News, 27 February 2000.
The privatisation of war
By Ian Traynor, The Guardian (London), Wednesday 10 December 2003. Private corporations have penetrated western warfare so deeply that they are now the second biggest contributor to coalition forces in Iraq after the Pentagon. The phenomenon may have reached the point of no return.
Privatized violence
By Sami Makki, Le Monde diplomatique, November 2004. Iraq chaos reveals the unprecedented scale at which the US has outsourced functions to private military companies. They make it easier to project force abroad, elude the electorate, increase the deniability of dirty tricks. In developing countries their use reflects diminishing state power because of slashed budgets.
The Privatization of War
Testimony by Niloufer Bhagwat, to World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI), Global Research, 28 June 2005. The decision to wage a war of aggression privatized by the Bush administration representative of and identified with dominant US Corporations.
Time for U.S. to Form an ‘Army of Mercenaries’?
By Ian Traynor, Editor & Publisher, 21 May 2006. Discussion of a Ted Koppel opinion that considers idea that corporations assume responsibility for waging wars from a handicapped political order, which actually seems to be the trend.
Blackwater: When Things Go Wrong
By Bill Sizemore and Joanne Kimberlin, The Virginian-Pilot, 26 July 2006. The ambush and killing of a US convoy escort in Fallujah that consisted of civilians working for North Carolina-based Blackwater USA. The nation learned with a jolt that there was something new going on here: Modern warfare was being privatized.