Exotic Weapons and star wars

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From space platforms to electronic warfare
By Maurice Najman, Le Monde diplomatique, February 1998. The transformation of the U.S. armed forces into a networked “system of systems”. Novel weapons despite the Geneva Convention. Stealth. Electronic and psychological warfare. Geometric rate of technical change.
Human Genome Project Opens the Door to Ethnically Specific Bioweapens
Student Researchers: Terrie Girdner, Karen Parlette, Jennifer Swift, Project Censored, [8 April 2003]. “Gene weapons” which can potentially target particular genes possessed by certain groups of people. These weapons could be added to water supplies, causing not only death but sterility and birth defects in targeted groups.
Secret Weapon Unleashed In Baghdad
By Bill Dash, c. 2003. The secret tank-mounted weapon appears to shoot concentrated lightning bolts and engulfed a large passenger bus and three automobiles. Within seconds the bus had melted, shrinking until it was a twisted blob about the dimensions of a VW bug. Numerous human bodies shriveled to the size of newborn babies. Between 500 and 600 soldiers and civilians were cooked alive as the result.
Private Contractor Tests New Illegal Ammo By, Killing An Iraqi
By John G. Roos, The Army Times, 01 December 2003. A security consultant with a private company contracted by the government, recorded the first known enemy kill using a new—and controversial—bullet. It was like hitting somebody with a miniature explosive round, even though the ammo does not have an explosive tip.
New US laser weapon tested for Iraq
Al Jazeera, 10 May 2005. A Pentagon-funded laser weapon prototype—capable of bringing down rockets and even helicopters—is currently under assessment for use in Iraq despite major funding problems.
Nanotechnology paves way for new weapons
Jane's Chem-Bio Web, 27 July 2005. Current and future developments in nanotechnology—science and engineering on the scale of nanometres or billionths of a metre—may pave the way for new types of weapons. For example, nanotechnology will provide possibilities for more efficient storage, dispersal and transport of chemical and biological agents into the body and cells of humans.
America's robot army
By Stephen Graham, New Statesman, Monday 12 June 2006. In just a few years, US forces will be able to deal out death with no human intervention whatsoever. Americans will access PlayStation-style consoles and monitors that display simulated streetscapes and may be miles from where the killing takes place.
New and unkown deadly weapons used by Israeli forces
By Professor Paola Manduca, www.globalresearch.ca, 7 August 2006. In the offensive of Israeli forces against Lebanon and Gaza new weapons, direct energy, chemical and/or biological agents, are being used. People with dead tissue and no apparent wounds; ‘shrunken’ corpses; civilians with heavy damage to lower limbs that require amputation, which is nevertheless followed by unstoppable necrosis and death; extensive internal wounds with no trace of shrapnel, corpses blackened but not burnt, and others heavily wounded that did not bleed.
Star Wars Goes Online … Crashes
By Jeffrey St. Clair, Counterpunch, 23 September 2006. The Ballistic Missile Defense System, once known as Star Wars, went on line as part of Bush's accelerated deployment scheme. The Pentagon admits that they have no idea how the missiles would be launched, who would give the order to launch them and whether they will have the even the remotest chance of hitting their target.