Arabs are in need of 4 million job opportunities every year, 21 January 2002

The director general of the Arab Labor Organization Ibrahim Qweider said that the Arab states have to ensure between 3 to 4 million job opportunities per year until the year 2010. Qweider called for inter-Arab closeness and co-operation among the Arab states to build a strong economic market that contains millions of unemployed.

He indicated that there are Arab states like Egypt which should ensure 619,000 job opportunities every year in order to prevent the escalation of Arab unemployment rates.

Meantime, The International Federation of the Arab Trade Union has decided to prepare a national plan to deal with the unemployment problem in the Arab states so as to propose it to the Arab labor conference due to be held in Cairo in March; aiming at deepening cooperation among the three production sides of workers organizations, works owners and the governments in order to provide job opportunities.

Deputy chairman of the workers union for economic affairs Abdul Menem al-Azzali said that the Arab economic committee at the Arab workers Union has asked the workers and non-governmental organizations in the Arab states to run guidance and orientation for using the Arab production and to pressure the governments to establish the common Arab market to withstand world challenges.