The working-class history of the Asia-Pacific region

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Historic conference begins new era in left cooperation
By Max Lane, Green Left Weekly, 23 April 1998. The first Asia Pacific Solidarity Conference, held in Sydney, April 10–13. Solidarity rally with the waterside workers picketing outside Darling Harbour docks. In addition to Australian activists, there were representatives from Asian, Pacific, European and United States organisations.
Organising to meet multinational challenge in Asia Pacific commerce Documents
By Tavip Saepul of ASPEK, with Theerawut Jantakeelee and Surapol Glinkeisorn of the Tesco Lotus Workers Union, Thailand, UNI, 15 October 2004. Commerce unions in Asia Pacific are to work closer together to deal with the growing domination of their industry by giant multinational retailers.
Asia-Pacific trade unions hold discussion in Tokyo
Labour News Network, 30 October 2004. Trade union representatives from 8 countries of Asia and Pacific region and two international trade union organizations exchanged accounts of their activities and views in Tokyo on 26 July 2004 at an International Trade Union Conference sponsored by the National Confederation of Trade Unions (ZENROREN) Japan on the eve of its 21st Regular Convention.