The history of the Indian Ocean region (BIOS)

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Indian Ocean Trade in 19th C.
Dialog on H-World list, December 1995. A brief dialog concerning the impact of British technology (such as steamers) and financial innovations (such as insurance) in changing the trade of the region.
Dirty work in the Indian Ocean
By Peter E. Newell, World Socialism, May 1998. Mauritius was all-important to Britain as well as France, South Africa and, later, the United States because of the trade routes, and particularly the Gulf oil tanker routes, possible off-shore oil deposits along the East African coast, and the monitoring of Soviet shipping and submarines.
Open Letter to Mr. Mike Moore, Director General, World Trade Organisation attending the COMESA Conference, May 2000, Mauritius. We, organisations and movements of the peoples of Mauritius, Indian Ocean and Southern African Region, wish to convey to you as Director of the World Trade Organisation, our total opposition to the WTO and its agreements.