The contemporary political history of Diego Garcia

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Marooned Chagossians Seek Justice From British Court
Panafrican News Agency, 14 July 2000. The London High Court will start hearing the Chagossian people's plea for the right to return to their home in the Chagos archipelago. The 5000-strong community lives presently in abject poverty in Mauritius after being forced into exile there by the British some 30 years ago.
FO report backs exiled islanders' fight with UK
By Ewen MacAskill and Rob Evans, Guardian (London), Thursday 24 August 2000. The unsavoury saga of the British treatment of the Diego Garcia islanders took a new twist yesterday when an unpublished report commissioned by the Foreign Office supported their case to return home.
UK studies returning exiled islanders
CNN, 12 December 2000. Britain is studying how to return the people of the Chagos Islands to their Indian Ocean home 30 years after they were exiled to make way for the U.S. military. The High Court ruled Britain had acted unlawfully by removing some 2,000 inhabitants off the 65-island Chagos archipelago so a U.S. base could be built on Diego Garcia.
Chagossians in Mauritius Seeking British Citizenship
By Nasseem Ackbarally, Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 14 March 2001. Part of a displaced community in Mauritius, has staged a protest in front of the offices of the British High Commission in Port Louis demanding British citizenship.
Britain's island in the sun becomes Blair's latest problem in torture scandal
By Gordon Thomas, Globe-Intel, [9 JUly 2004]. Tony Blair will face further embarrassing questions over the torture scandal as to why the government permitted the CIA and the US Department of Defence to operate a top-secret interrogation centre on Diego Garcia.