The modern history of the Mediterranean region

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Moroccan official stresses economic reasons behind conflicts in mediterranean
Arabic News, 21 September 2000. The only threat to peace in the region is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Immigration is a traditional phenomenon in the Mediterranean region, intensified tody by poverty and the demand for cheap labor which help European firms prosper and remain competitive.
Anti-terror summit ends in Morocco
By David Bamford, BBC, Friday 26 October 2001. A series of measures have been agreed, on the practical side, the drawing up of a code of conduct that will help European and Arab countries establish common practices aimed at undermining terrorism, but the thrust of the meeting was on a cultural level, on ways of promoting understanding.
Spain Oust Moroccans From Island
By Keith B. Richburg, Washington Post, Wednesday 17 July 2002. Spanish commandos landed by helicopter before dawn today on a tiny barren island off the Moroccan coast and evicted six Moroccan soldiers who took control of it for their country last week. The surprise assault either ended or seriously escalated a new flare-up of a territorial dispute between Spain and Morocco that dates to the 16th century.
Voice of the Mediterranean falls silent
The Independent, Monday 5 January 2004. The Voice of the Mediterranean radio station has stopped transmissions. The radio is jointly owned by the governments of Malta and of Libya and has been operating in Malta for many years. These last few years the Libyan side did not continue with its financing.